Competitor Tool Kit

Hi there future competitor!

I know you are anxious to begin training for your first figure or bikini competition! That’s why I put together this guide for you to get started on the right track. Inside this “competitor tool kit” you’ll find all the secret weapons you need to win your first competition!

All of the links below are suggestions based on my experience successfully coaching thousands of newbies to the stage for the first time. I hope they are useful for you, enjoy!



Getting Started 

Take the Stage Ready Quiz

Professional Assessment

Figure Prep Plan

Figure Sample Budget


Figure & Bikini Federation 

*You can search by state

The National Physique Committee

The Natural Muscle Network

Natural Bodybuilding Events



Training Tools for Success 


Body Fat Analyzer

Online Food & Exercise Journal

Digital Food Scale

Digital Weight Scale

Digital Measuring Tape

Food Prep Containers

Food Prep Travel

Gloves and Straps

Timer (for rest & tempo)

Heart Rate Monitor


Basic Supplements 

Whey Protein (dairy)

Plant Based Protein (non-dairy)

Fat Loss

Muscle Growth


Fatty Acids (fat loss)


Final Presentation Pieces




Tanning & Bikini Bite



Disclaimer: Before starting any exercise or diet program, consult with your physician to ensure you are healthy enough to train and/or consume any recommended supplements. The advice provided is not meant to replace medical advice from your doctor or other health care professional. We receive a small referral fee for many of the products mentioned through Amazon and Ion Fitness. We are not responsible for any actions arising from purchasing or using these products or services.

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