Success Stories


Kimberly is a supportive yet tough personal trainer. She helped me to change my lifestyle so that it’s not just about fitting into a smaller size with weight loss, but more about making sustainable changes. Her workouts are varied and challenging and (as long as you hold up your part) she will definitely get you to the results you want to see. *

—Angie Brown

Kimberly, you took me from a total rookie couch potato to a person who understands how to make my body stronger and safer. At age 58, it’s important to me to keep my bones strong and my core in shape to prevent injury. You helped me to challenge my long-held belief that I was not an athlete. I have visible muscles, but just as important, I am stronger on the INSIDE, because I know that I can continue to improve my physical body as I age. I still look forward to my workouts with you and I have loads of routines to use on my own. Are you tough? YES! Am I tough? I am NOW!!! *

—Michele D

I had never worked with a personal trainer before Kimberly. I have to admit - I was scared. My fear was completely unwarranted. Kimberly has a unique way of encouraging while challenging me to push myself to levels I would never have imagined possible. I wear clothes I never thought I would wear again, and I am stronger than I expected. Kimberly is my accountability partner to focus on my Fitness for Life. *

—Holly McGail

Every time I would try to get back into an exercise routine, I would get injured and have to stop for weeks to months. Since training with Kimberly, I’ve had less set-backs due to injuries and none that stopped me from exercising altogether. She always finds a way to work around those challenges and still get me results. *

—Jackie Jones

Having Kimberly as my on-line coach has been a life changing experience! I wish I had connected with her sooner as she took the guess work out of knowing what and how much to eat and when. Having a goal and a purpose took me to the next level in my fitness journey. Anyone who is serious about taking their fitness to the next level would benefit from Kim’s knowledge and expertise. *

—Dawn Poitras

I got more than I bargained for! My previous exercise program was average. I was running, lifting weights, and participating in yoga classes, but not seeing any results. I attributed it to my age and had become frustrated that the weight was not coming off. I decided that I needed a personal trainer and began doing some research and discovered Kimberly. My goal was to lose 10 pounds. Well, I did that and also lost 11 inches and 5 percent body fat! Not only do I look slim with an hourglass figure, but my self-esteem and self-confidence has immensely improved. Kimberly is a true gem! *

—Jackie McClusky

Another huge thumbs-up for Kimberly! I've been taking her Body Sculpting class, and occasional studio sessions, for over two years and she always keeps it fresh and challenges me. I'm an over-50 sedentary office worker, but thanks to Kimberly I can always take the stairs, turn heads, and look forward to a healthy future. I can't say enough thanks to Kimberly!! *

—Diane Boyd

Kimberly is very professional and always keeps us on our toes!! She has awakened parts of my body I never knew I had! She works you hard (that's why we go to her) but if you really need a break, its ok (thank you, Kimberly :). I'm so glad I met her and have now signed up for personal training. YEAH! I’m looking forward to our journey, Kimberly. *

—Rosa Lee

I first started training with Kimberly in her studio last October 2010. I was newly engaged and wanted to "get right" for my August 2011 wedding. I was able to lose 10 lbs., learned how to eat the right amount of calories for my goals and how to mix cardio with weight training. I then began small group training with Kimberly in a class environment. She definitely challenged the class and had us pushing ourselves! Bonus: Kimberly is funny and really cares about her clients! *

—Karen Perkins

Kimberly is an amazing trainer. She is skilled and passionate about fitness, nutrition, and total wellness. I enjoy my weekly workouts with her as she brings consistency, touched with variety to the studio. Whether I am on the road traveling or in the city, Kimberly is certain that I have a workout regime ready to go. Her use of technology, using her website, blog, and YouTube provide workout training for people of all fitness levels. Thanks Kim, you are truly "DC's Toughest" Trainer. *

—Jacquie Hood Martin

Kimberly Doehnert - WOW!!! She is just terrific and I am such a big project! We are working hard and I feel so much better. Kimberly is so prepared, so helpful, so compassionate in her zeal to whip me into shape! I just love my work out days with her. She has a warm professional approach and keeps the sessions, high energy and up-beat. I feel so blessed to have found her through a dear friend. I have total confidence in Kimberly's judgment and guidance. I can't wait to come on again and gush about getting my body back and the great shape I’m in. We are on the road together - I’m so encouraged! Go Team Kimberly! *

—Grace Washburn

Kimberly is simply the best! When I hit 35, metabolism came to a screeching halt, I could no longer diet and exercise the way I used to. Since late November, Kim has helped me drop 20 lbs. and lots of inches. Kimberly's workouts and meal plans have also help improve my running as well. Since I began training with her, I've set new records in my 8k, 10k and half-marathon races. She makes the workouts tough but enjoyable. You leave a training session feeling like you gave it your all. Kimberly, I couldn't have made it this far without. I can't say thank you enough for everything you have done for me! Thanks for giving me the tools to living a fit life! *

—Judy Dalie

I was so frustrated working out hard and still not seeing results. I kept insisting that I ate healthy–but Kimberly suggested we take a closer look at my nutrition. Once I started including more clean foods and limiting sugar, my body got leaner. Losing 33 pounds gave me the confidence to start a career in fitness! *

—Tina Musleh

I got a better than before baby body! After having my third baby, I thought I would never get my body back. I needed someone tough who would make me more accountable. Kimberly suggested training 3 times a week in the studio and gave me homework that consisted of mini-workouts I could squeeze in between taking care of my kids. No matter how much I doubted I’d lose weight, Kim encouraged me to train hard and expect results. Her training helped me lose 20 pounds and 5 pant sizes! *

—Maria Minguzzi Christopoulos

We had the wedding of our dreams! After getting engaged, I really started thinking seriously about losing weight. I wanted to look my best for my wedding, so Kimberly suggested a bridal boot camp style program. My biggest problem was eating out a lot and supersized portions. Kimberly put me on a clean eating meal which was challenging because Johnathan and I went home to North Carolina just about every weekend planning our wedding. Working hard every week resulted in me losing over 15 pounds. Johnathan started training with Kimberly too and lost 20 pounds. Thanks Kimberly for making sure our special day was a dream come true! *

—Erica & Johnathan Wallace

I lost 44 pounds and got off my blood pressure medicine! A friend invited me to train with her at Kimberly’s studio. The sessions were focused on getting me lean and the meal plans were amazing. Even when I hit plateaus, Kimberly was always able to kick start my weight loss again. I am most proud of the lifestyle changes I have made during the process. My motto was “I can’t say that it doesn’t work until I have given it my all and tried”. I can honestly say it works. *

—Alandra Jones

Competing had become pretty much a “bucket list” item. I researched, signed up, trained myself, and sought out good resources and advice from Kimberly. My first competition I won big (Overall) in Muscle Mania Lone Star. I then did my second competition, November in Las Vegas–Muscle Mania’s largest show. I placed 3rd in open! I won my PRO CARD! And I was proud to be the oldest in the top 5–unbelievable! I just wanted to thank you because for all two (lol) shows I’ve used your Contest Prep Secrets. Thank you for all that you share! *

—Kimberly Ross, Figure Pro

I am a firm believer in your program, it works! The pictures don't lie! Especially mine! I can't believe what I see in the mirror, I went from too lean with not much muscle mass, to a show stopper! Your program really did give me the confidence to step out on that stage and kill it! You rock Kimberly!!! *

—Terra Brown

Thank you Kimberly, I love your program, Contest Prep Secrets! It’s so concise and gave me so much information about how to restructure my workouts and diets to build a figure ready body! I competed in my first figure competition NPC LA Championships and placed 1st Masters Figure! I relied on Contest Prep Secrets again for my 2nd show the NPC Tournament of Champions LA, CA placed 1st in Masters Figure and 1st in Open. I’m so excited, I qualified for Nationals!!! Using your program and competing has been the perfect jump start into my new career in fitness! Thanks again! *

—Rebecca Ewing

Felica ChristiansonLoved the journey and the knowledge I gained. THIS is the place to start with your contest  prep! It’s laid out, concise, organized, easy to follow. The group of girls that I met (that I can now call my friends) are very special to me! Thank you Kimberly and Contest Prep Secrets!


—Felicia Christianson

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