The TRUTH about cheat meals…

Are you eating burgers, fries, sweets, and other things you love and chalking it up to your “cheat day?”

Even if these foods were made by you and healthy, they need to be factored in properly or this could easily keep you out of the winner’s circle…

As a newbie, you should be following a balanced diet & training program. But you will hear so many things floating around out there and may not be sure if that information will take you off track or not.

I can tell you when it comes to incorporating a cheat meal–you need to take stock of where you are right now in your prep.

And ask yourself these important questions:

1. Do I need to get leaner?

2. Do I need more mass?

3. How many weeks do I have?

–>>Figure & Bikini Prep Plan<<–

So instead of thinking “cheat meals” you should consider those times you need more carbs as re-feeds…

Depending on your weekly results, there are times when your body needs more calories–which is just a recalculation of your macros to keep your body fat decreasing and lean body mass percentage increasing. Not a total reversal of your clean, lean dieting!

I’ve created a complete training program that outlines EXACTLY the meal plans you need to reach the perfect level of conditioning. Contest Prep Secrets includes over 16 diets, 7-days of peaking meals, and the formula for adding in the additional carbs & calories.

–>>Figure & Bikini Prep Plan<<–

As a general rule, avoid eating lower calorie plans for long periods to keep you from binging and going off track! I include detailed carb cycling meal plans, depleting, and how to structure those meals in my program.

2 thoughts on “The TRUTH about cheat meals…

  1. While I admit that I have not been consistent. When I use your plan, it works and it works well. I’ve dropped 20 pounds and 3 dress sizes. I’m heavily tattooed so I’m not sure that would work on stage but I’m still enjoying the training

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