Booty Band Workout

Bands are a great way to activate the glutes and hamstrings throughout your workout. To feel the most burn, I do a band activator exercise (BAE) before the main moves. Keep reading to get the full workout and a few videos for all the ACTIVATOR exercises!

Incorporating resistance bands to your leg training can fix lagging legs muscles and improve your overall shape, size and symmetry on stage!

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The Workout:

Warm-up: 5 minute hill walk on treadmill

Exercise #1 (BAE) Band Walks 3×60 seconds of back and forth)

Exercise #2 Bulgarian Split Squats 3×12

Exercise #3 (BAE) Goblet Squats with Band 3×20

Exercise #4 Leg Press (high feet placement, wide, toes turned out) 3×12

Exercise #5 (BAE) Band Lateral Lunges 3×15 each way

Exercise #6 Seated or Lying Leg Curls (turn feet out) 3×12

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