3 Types of Bulking

Now that the shows are winding down for the year, many competitors are beginning what’s called “the bulking season.”

Bulking is the period of time when a competitor strategically eats more food, lifts heavier, and puts on weight for a cut closer to show.

For new Figure, Bikini, or Wellness competitors, this process can go extremely wrong.

Before I tell you how it can be a disaster, here are the 3 types of bulking:

Clean Bulk

A clean bulk is where you methodically increase calories over the prep season to steadily gain about .5 to 1 pound per week. You need these additional calories to build muscle. These additional calories should come from clean whole foods.

Dirty Bulk

A dirty bulk is where you eat whatever, whenever, and without tracking macros or calorie intake. Even though this method will bring in the amount of calories needed to put on muscle…

You could end up packing on way more fat and increase water weight due to inflammation. One thing to note, it’s hard to lose body fat!

Ideally, you want to be between 18-20% body fat before starting your prep.

Lean Bulk

Wait, how do you get lean and bulk at the same time? If this process is done right, you’ll be able to increase calories and ditch the fluffy weight gain.

Here is an example of what happens during 8 weeks of lean bulking…

My client Jo, went from 151 to 140 pounds and GAINED muscle in her glutes & hamstrings!


You need to understand the lean bulk if you don’t want to add unnecessary weeks to your prep. I’ll be talking more about this and the whole stage process during my upcoming 3-Day Virtual Contest Prep Workshop, December 11-13, 2020.

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