What Masters Figure & Bikini Competitors Look Like

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Are you over 40 and training for your first figure or bikini competition?


This allows you to compete in the Masters Class. 

For women our age, it’s nice to have an even playing field  🙂

But wait…

Don’t make the mistake thinking Masters will not be as hard because its older competitors.

I can tell you from experience, Masters is one of the MOST competitive classes.

I won my IFBB Pro Card in Masters Figure 45+

The biggest barrier to women over 40 competing is creating a Masters training program that creates the final package the judges want in their Top 5.

Masters competitors tend to have more mature muscle and come in a slight bit harder.

And it makes sense, since as you age your hormone levels change and this could effect the size and shape of your muscles.

Here are some examples of Masters Figure and Bikini competitors for reference…

(Photos Courtesy of National Physique Committee)


Your program should focus on keeping balance, shape, size, and conditioning (leanness).


Do you need help preparing for a Masters competition?


Not sure how to structure a winning program?


I can create a 8 or 16 week custom training & diet program that will get you game tight for the stage and beyond.


It starts with complimentary consult with me to help you map out your strategy!


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3 thoughts on “What Masters Figure & Bikini Competitors Look Like

  1. I would love to train for a figure show. I have been in 2 shows already, but they were 2 and 2 years ago and I need some coaching to get back to the stage after that amount of time. I have found that my body isn’t responding like it used to (I lost a lot of strength in between show 1 & 2) and I want my strength, leanness and muscle back. I also need a plan that I can follow that is well layed out and effective. I am 42 years old.

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