10 Minute Kettlebell Complex

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An exercise complex is basically a circuit of exercises where you use one weight and/or piece of equipment to flow from one exercise to the next. This type of training is high intensity and great for shortening up gym sessions when needed. And it can be a great way to bust through plateaus that are sometimes created by boredom in the gym.

So really, exercise complex routines are quite simple.

Adding these type of simple but intense workouts early on in your training offer 6 important benefits…

1. Build strength

2. Build muscular endurance

3. Increase mind-muscle connection

4. Boost metabolism

5. Increase gym efficiency

6. Burn more calories faster!

Here is a complex I created using a 25lb kettlebell. Generally, I keep weight moderate when doing complexes to allow faster transition and more cardiovascular benefits. You can go heavier in the “growth phase” or your figure or bikini prep, but lower the reps and take longer rest.

The workout:

  1. Swings x 20
  2. Jump squats x 20
  3. Upper rows x 20
  4. Reverse lunges x 20
  5. Alternating arm swings  x 20 total

-Each circuit set should take you about 1:30 and include a 30 seconds rest = 2 minutes per circuit set.

-Complete 5 sets = 10 minutes

Enjoy  being drenched in sweat!

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2 thoughts on “10 Minute Kettlebell Complex

  1. Love this simple yet effective KB circuit! Gonna try it tomorrow (although just over a slipped disc so may skip KB squat jumps) cheers Kimberely

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