One Thing They Did Not Tell You About Figure & Bikini

When I did my first figure competition, my only focus was getting to the stage!


I didn’t think much about what happens after…


As soon as the trophies were passed out and the lights on stage went off–the post show blues set in. Of course you want to eat all the things you restricted from your diet and it usually gets out of control–ending with huge weight gains within weeks of your show.


I did a lot of research before competing and talked to other athletes and coaches. One thing no one told me was that this body I built for the stage is only borrowed…


This level of fitness is only temporary and you have to expect it to change once you are not training at this intense level anymore. AND that is the way its supposed to be, its all good! 


Enjoy all the exciting, amazing things that are happening to your body right now. But remember, it’s healthy to gain some weight back. You get to keep the many wonderful memories along the way…and new body you built until the next time!


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