How to Train Less and Still Get Gains

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shutterstock_151254044Got a short training week?

It happens to us all the time.

Work, kids, unexpected emergencies. But you can’t let life keep you from reaching your training goals!

How do you manage shorter training weeks then?

The secret is High Volume Workouts.

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This is a workout that includes several body parts in a superset format. It also takes longer to get done.

But if you know the week is short, you have to commit to spending more time training on the days you can yo!

Makes sense right?

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For example, I was out of town last weekend and not able to train Saturday, Sunday or Monday. So Tuesday, this was my High Volume Workout:

The body parts trained: Back, Shoulders, Calves, and Biceps

How to do the workout: All are in a superset/circuit format. Take minimal rest between sets, shoot for moderate weight, moderate to high rep range (muscle failure zone).

1. Assist pull ups superset with BB curls (4 sets)

2. Single arm upper rows superset with cable low curls (4 sets)

3. Underhand lad pull down tri-set with rope pullovers and single arm cross chest cable curls (3 sets)

4. Shoulder press machine superset with seated bicep curls (4 sets)

5. Shrugs superset with DB standing calf raises (4 sets)

6. DB standing adductor tri-set with DB forward raises and seated calf raises (3 sets)

Finisher: 30 minutes elliptical or other cardio machine with upper body movement.

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