7 Tips to Stick to Your Diet This Weekend

Many of us following a structured diet find it hard to stay the course on the weekends.

Maybe it’s because when Friday hits, you “want to be off.”

But don’t let that keep you from maintaining your fitness goals, especially diet. It’s at least 70% of the results you will get.

Here are 7 basic tips to manage your diet and still have fun this weekend.

Keep your mind right. Mindset mastery is key to sticking to your program. The weekend doesn’t mean its time to indulge. Commit to tracking and portioning your food the same as you do during the week. A few slips over the weekend can cause you to lose momentum.

Add more sweat. Burning extra calories can help you avoid surplus from a less than tight weekend diet. Increase your workouts 30-60 minutes to keep your metabolism revved up.

Bring your own food. If you know that an event will keep you from your normal meal timing, bring a snack or meal replacement. For example, dry roasted nuts, protein bars, shakes, meals you can bring (mini-cooler or your purse), etc.

Don’t go out hungry.  Eat before you go. Feeling like you are starving can cause overeating on the weekends. When I go out, I make sure to eat most of my meals at home before. Then I can survive off of appetizers, fruit, veggie, and small portions of off plan food if necessary.

Order out with care. Make sure the restaurants you frequent on the weekends have healthy food options. You can create an ala carte menu if necessary to get close to your meal plan. For example, I have a favorite restaurant that serves lean meats, veggies, and sweet potato just the way I make it at home. Ask your server for sauces on the side and limit the salt. What ruins meals out is the big plate portins, fat, and salt content hidden in the recipes.

And one thing to note about healthy food out…

Salads are not always the best choice. Especially if they come loaded with croutons, dates, baby corn, drenched in sauce, etc.

No big breakfast. On the weekends, sometimes we find ourselves at brunch or cooking bigger meals. It’s because during the week meals are quick. Stick to your normal breakfast items and don’t allot extra time for morning grazing.

Stay hydrated. When you are not hydrated, the body can send mixed signals of hunger. Drink at least half your body weight in water. Also, avoid excess alcohol. It dehydrates and can lead to poor food choices you’ll regret on Monday 🙂

Basically, if your diet works during the week, it should work on the weekends. There is no entitlement because you “stuck to the plan 5 days in a row.” That’s what winners do. Stick to their plan.

Remember, your diet should not feel like torture. That will lead to cheating and missed goals. Keep logging, keep moving, and keep smiling 🙂

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4 thoughts on “7 Tips to Stick to Your Diet This Weekend

  1. Hi Kim. I appreciate the information that you pass along. I’m having many issues with what to eat, and I don’t eat enough.

    1. Hi Donna,

      Start where you are right now. Make sure you are eating enough for your weight. You can find that out with online Basal Metabolic Rate calculators. You use that number as the minimum calories you need to eat for baseline. Track your food (no matter what you eat) online with apps like myfitnesspal.com. Once you see what you are eating and how much you should consume, it makes it easier to improve. Thanks for commenting!

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