Chest & Delts Workout

3 Tips for Training Chest & Shoulders

Tip #1 – Include decline and incline chest exercises to connect with shoulder muscles. This provides even more separation in your front pose.

Tip #2 – Hit your front delts with close grip shoulder presses and pulses.

Tip #3 – Add supersets of shoulder and chest exercises, see below workout.

The Workout:

Incline press machine superset with RD flye machine 3×10-12

Incline bench press 3×10-12

Decline chest flyes (see photo above) 3×10-12

Smith machine close grip shoulder press 3×10-12

DB seated laterals superset with DB frontal raises 3×10

Upper BB or straight bar rows 3×10

Lateral shoulder raise machine 7×15 reps, 30 second rest between sets.

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