Pick The Right Type of Gym for Prep

One thing I realized early on as a fitness professional is that change takes time…

Especially when you are going from FIT to the STAGE!

It’s important to track the numbers and how you look along the way. Back in 2012, for my 3rd show, I took photos of how my transformed every 2-4 weeks. It surprised me how much I changed, check it out!


The biggest factor in getting stage ready is having a structured plan. For all my first shows, I followed a training system I created, Contest Prep Secrets.

It’s based on a standard 16 weeks of prep, broken into 4 weekly phases. Knowing how much training, cardio, food, and supplements you need is critical to get consistent results to the stage.

You can learn more about the prep process and my program here.

But I hope seeing what 12-16 weeks of prep looks like helps keep you on track!

One thought on “Pick The Right Type of Gym for Prep

  1. So true! Most don’t understand this. I hate when I’m away from my regular gym & people think you can workout anywhere with sub par equipment

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