Jessica’s First Time on Stage

There is no denying that training for a figure or bikini competition can be an all encompassing goal.

And many women do it with all the other roles they play in life.

Like mother, wife, co-worker, employee/employer, friend, sister, etc.

But training for a competition AND planning your wedding?

Now this might sound a bit crazy right? Who has the time to hit the gym, meal prep, figure out program adjustments, and manage sleep–all while preparing to walk down the isle?

Well, Jessica did just that.

She got married about two weeks before stepping on the figure stage!

But in the beginning, she didn’t know how it was all going to work out. Especially since we had to transform her awesome bikini body into a figure champion.

We had to put on size, reduce body fat and create the x-frame shape the judges want to see in their winner’s circle.

And she had a pretty competitive class.

Jessica took my advice and signed up for true novice – which means everyone on stage with her had never competed before. And for newbies, this is a good strategy!

You only get one shot at true novice 🙂

Well, there were enough ladies in this class to have 2 competitive call outs.

Jessica was in the first call out!

She came back at finals and collected her prize…she won 5th place!

Jessica 16 weeks








And what is so amazing, was that we were able to structure her program so that she could enjoy her bridal shower & wedding day and still reach her stage goals. Isn’t she a beautiful bride?

wedding pic

One thing that Jessica said she is thankful for was having coaching all the way to the stage which allowed her to focus on the big day!

I hope Jessica’s success with all the beautiful obstacles, motivates you to keep pushing all the way! Its so worth it 🙂

Hey, I’m not good at planning a wedding, but I can help you map out your path to the stage next year. Contact me to get started.

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2 thoughts on “Jessica’s First Time on Stage

  1. Hello Kimberly. I have 6 weeks out from my bikini show, I really try to enjoy this journey more that my before shows. Because was tough. I would like to ask you if your plan should be fish and vegetables? Because I don’t interesting for this plan. I can call flexible diet and this working for my mind and my body as well. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Jessica!

      I think you are asking what type of meal plans I give? And are they fish and vegetables? I create custom programs so everyone is different and if you are having success eating how you like its totally fine! But if you are having issues getting toned and lean, you will have to get a more professional approach for the next time 🙂

      Good luck on your show! Having fun is important 🙂

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