How to Pick Your First Competition

Tanned woman in blue bikini

I know you are excited and ready to step on stage…

But finding a show for your first time is very tricky if you are a newbie.

You can learn more about show selection and more in my figure & bikini training system, Contest Prep Secrets, but here are some basics Do’s and Don’ts to have a great first time.

Because if you don’t have a good first comp, more than likely, you won’t want to do it again, right?

Some DO’s

  1. Choose a small show/venue.
  2. Find a show that has a true novice, debut, or first timer category. Please note, the novice category does NOT mean the girls have never competed before.
  3. Register for 1 or 2 classes (ex: true novice & masters).

Here are a few places to search for shows in your area:

National Physique Committee (NPC)

Natural Bodybuilding Contests (The OCB)

Natural Bodybuilding Events – Complete Listing in the US


  1. Avoid National Qualifiers (NQ) as the ladies coming are not newbies 🙂
  2. Sign up for every category to “guarantee a trophy.” You will see the same girls across classes, which will end up costing your more money and not ensure a win.
  3. Sign up early. Check the deadline dates and ensure you are not signing up late and costing yourself late fees. I’d register 2-4 weeks before the deadlines.
  4. Show up without a stage ready body. Make sure you have followed a progressive training program to ensure you come in with enough size, shape, and symmetry to land in the winner’s circle!


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