5 Tips For Prepping During The Holidays

This is one topic I know all too well!

I prepped during the holidays for my first 4 figure competitions.

And if your show is March or April of next year…

You should already be in Phase 1 of your program.

Most new competitors will get in to their workouts during the holidays. The issue is always the diet…

But don’t be so strict that you end up going off the rails because of all the holiday parties and family gatherings!

Here are 5 tips that will help you prep during the holidays like a pro 🙂

Tip #1 Don’t say YES to every holiday function you get invited to!

Choose 1-2 very special events like the family holiday meal or your office Christmas party to eat off plan 1 meal.

Tip #2 You bring the dessert!

Make holiday shaped protein cookies or pumpkin protein cheesecake to bring to the party. This way  you are guaranteed to have a healthy dessert option!

Tip #3 Eat protein before heading out for holiday shopping!

With all the deals this holiday season, you might be at the mall longer than you expected lol. Make sure you eat a balanced meal with at least 20-30g of protein to keep you from stopping at the food court. I usually keep a small piece of fruit (for sugar cravings), baggie with protein powder, and my shaker bottle in my purse for emergencies.

Tip #4 Meal prep in full effect!

Even though you may have to shop for the holiday meal–keep your normal shopping list in full effect. Resist the processed and quick food choices that abound during the holidays. Its harder to go off plan when your meals have been prepped ahead.

Tip #5 Think before you drink!

I’m not saying don’t get your drink on, but limit how many you have. You can also add a glass of water between each one to drink less. Avoid the sugary mixed drinks, high calorie holiday flavored mocha’s, and eggnog.

Were these tips helpful? Please share 🙂

Bottom line, if you have a program to follow, it makes it easier to stay on track during the holidays.

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