5 Reasons Menopause Really Sucks

Have you just about thrown in the towel because of menopause?

Many of the women who reach out to me are convinced that menopause is keeping them from getting a competitive body.

Well, there’s no way around it…

Women go through menopause in their 40s or 50s. But that can vary widely. One study found that half of the women in the U.S. reach menopause before age 52. Menopause happens when you haven’t had a period for 12 straight months and you aren’t pregnant or sick.

Here are 5 reasons why menopause sucks…

#1 Hormones begin fluctuating and cause us to store more fat.

#2 Due to age and/or decrease in physical activity, we start losing muscle.

#3 It’s hard to get quality sleep and that’s linked to weight gain.

#4 Insulin resistance increases as we age and that makes losing weight even more difficult.

#5 Fat storage shifts from hips and thighs to the belly. The worse!

But if you are like me, (I’m 51) you are going through perimenopause. Perimenopause is the menopause transition and begins several months or years before menopause. It usually starts in a woman’s 40s, but can start in her 30s or even earlier.

If you are over 40, currently competing, or trying to hit the stage for the first time…

You need to understand how to deal with the affects that menopause could have on your training timelines.

After competing in my first pro show back in 2014 at the age of 47, I decided to take a short break from the stage. But after a year, I couldn’t seem to get back into my normal prep groove.

This is when I started trying to understand more about perimenopause and menopause. I too was convinced this is what was keeping me from hitting the stage again.

Even though I had all the symptoms and it made perfect sense that losing weight and putting on muscle would be harder…

I had to be honest with myself.

I was not putting in the same amount of work in the gym.

I was loosey goosey with my diet.

I was not managing my schedule to get enough sleep.

I was making a ton of excuses for starting and stopping my prep.

And none of these things are medical…

This was me-a-pause!

I had taken a pause from everything after my first pro show. Even the basic fitness habits that keep me in pre-contest shape (140-145lbs).

So, I said, “that’s it!” I’m hitting the stage when I turn 50 years old!

I reached out to a coach like me for accountability. Someone who wouldn’t let me make excuses and miss my timeline!

For 16 weeks, I hit that gym like a BEAST and my diet was on point because I had to check-in and be accountable to my goals.

The photo on the left was taken the week I started my prep at 157 pounds and 17% body fat. The picture on the right was taken a few hours before stepping on stage. I weighed 127 pounds and my body fat was less than 6%!

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After making this comeback at 50 years old, I now know that peri/menopause doesn’t have to control my actions. It doesn’t have to keep us from achieving our biggest fitness goals and living our best life.

The key is to take action quickly. You have to say enough is enough. It’s time to take control back and get serious about reaching your goal. Whether you want to compete or just get rid of excess fat to look and feel sexier, schedule a FREE Breakthrough Call with me.

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