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Stop trying to lose weight!

I get alot of emails from women who are trying to lose weight for a show or just want to look and feel better in their own skin…

But are frustrated because they are experiencing slow (or no) weight loss.

The reason why they may be struggling is because the scale is NOT the best way to track progress. Frankly, you should stop trying to lose weight!

I tell my clients to focus on their body composition.

The main component of composition is body fat.

Your body fat percentage determines your overall shape and size. Just 1% body fat reduction could mean 1-2 inches off your abs!

For example, my client Kieu started her coaching program 2 months ago.

At 126.8 pounds, she didn’t think her body fat could be over 28%—but it was.

Today, I wanted to share her progress to encourage you to rethink your goals and maybe even how you are training & dieting…

In case you can’t read the reports below, here’s her results:

-Lost 5.6% body fat

-Gained 3.8 pounds of muscle (Skeletal Muscle Mass)

-Lost 1.8 pounds

-4 inches off her abs!

If we had used the scale to determine results…

Kieu might have felt discouraged because she ONLY lost 1.8 pounds!

But when the goal is changing the shape of your body (composition)—measurements, body fat, and how you look are important things to monitor during your program.

Here are 4 tips that helped Kieu accelerate her fat loss:

1- Swapped out all processed meals for calorie and nutrient dense foods high in fiber. This kept her feeling full and reduced sugar cravings.

2- Followed a diet higher in protein to gain muscle mass (she gained 3.8 pounds of muscle). The more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn!

3- Structured her weights and cardio program to maximize the fat burning zone (its really tricky to do).

4- Tracked her calories burned vs. consumed. Kieu wore a HR monitor, tracked her workout calories, and logged her food online to stay within a NET range proven to melt the max fat!

I hope her success helps you see where you need to make changes in your overall plan and how you track progress 🙂

If you need help setting up a progressive program focused on losing body fat, schedule a complimentary call today.