Sample Mid Morning Meal

I’m entering Phase 2 of my training which is much more high volume workouts and higher intensity short bouts of cardio. All focused on a specific calorie burn each day… 

My calories are adjusted based on assessments and photos I take each week.

That said, here’s what my mid morning meal looked like with the macros:

4 oz chipotle seasoned chicken & 3oz of honey crisp apple. The spicy sweet of this combo was really nice!

Chicken and apples

1/4c or 1oz of raw pumpkin seeds

Calories 329 | Carbs 17g | Fat 16g | Protein 35g | Sugar 9g

When you know how to set up your meal plan & macros, it’s easy to make swaps and enjoy your diet!

I have designed 16+ meal plans to help you structure your calories at every phase of your training in my prep system, Contest Prep Secrets. 

If you are struggling to see results, the odds are the answers lies in your diet…


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