Peak Week Revealed!

One of the biggest unknowns about competing is what happens during peak weak and how to get that right.

If you are just beginning your prep or close to stepping on stage for the first time, this can cause you much stress, worrying about missing your peak.

What is peak week?

Peak week is the final 7 days leading up to a competition. The purpose of peaking is to show up on the day of your event with full muscles and tight skin that will reveal a specific level of muscle definition. This appearance is commonly known as the “shrink wrap effect.”

When you ask someone who has done a few shows about peak week, usually they say it was the most terrible time of their life…

The main reason it ends up being such a horrible experience is because they may have used drastic measures to try to dial it in the final weeks. And sometimes they followed extreme training measures their whole prep and peak week was just the final straw.

The most important thing to remember is that there is nothing you can do during the last week that is going to fix something you haven’t already accomplished during your preparation.

What really should be happening during peak week?

  • You should be looking better each day – this is where your solid training comes into play.
  • You should be losing a bit of excess water weight – with the right macro manipulation, the final water should be reduced significantly
  • You should be looking “harder” – not like body builder hard, but definitely not soft like a swimsuit model.
  • Your body fat should reduce some
  • Your muscles should be getting rounder and more pronounced

I’ve broken down the complete PEAK WEEK process in my figure & bikini prep system, Contest Prep Secrets.

Here’s what you’ll learn about peak week:

-EXACTLY what to eat the final 7 days, which includes the day of your competition (page 82).

-The supplements that help you shed water weight with a dosing regimen and recommended water intake (pages 79-80).

-The final workouts to bring in your best body (page 81).

Contest Prep Secrets <<< Peak Week Revealed!


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