High Intensity Dumbbell Workout

You need:

Set of light dumbbells

Set of medium dumbbells

Interval timer (or phone with timer app)

How to do the workout:

-complete this workout in a circuit format

-do each exercise for 45 seconds on 15 seconds off (45:15)

-take 45-60 seconds rest between circuit sets

-compete 3-4 sets depending on your fitness level

The workout:

  • DB jumping jacks (light)
  • DB bicep curls (medium)
  • DB tricep kick-backs (light)
  • DB sit-ups w/alternating punches (light)
  • DB plank with alternating rows (medium)
  • DB squat jumps (medium)
  • DB alternating reverse lunges with shoulder press (light to medium)
  • DB chest flyes with leg drops – on your back/bench (medium)
  • DB Russian twists
  • DB alternating forward lunges with lateral raises

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