New Shoulder & Ab Workout 2-3-17

Today’s workout was created to condition and shape the shoulders and abs.

It’s a pretty big workout, so give yourself at least 90 minutes to finish it.

The Workout

Warm-up Super-set

Smith machine front and behind the neck overhead presses (standing) x 10 super-set with DB Front Raises x 15. Complete 3 sets.

Smith machine jump lunges x 30. Focus on fully extending the arms and pulling up with shoulders. Complete 3 sets.

Lateral shoulder raise machine drop sets super-set with Ab crunch machine x 20. Complete 3 sets.

Straight bar shoulder raises x 15 (between the legs) super-set with Cable rotations x 15 each side. Complete 3 sets.

DB overhead press (heavy) x 10 reps tri-set with Shrugs and Olympic bar hanging snatches x 15.  Complete 3 sets.

Leg lifts with hip thrust x 15 tri-set with bent knee lifts x 15 and bent knee hugs x 15. Complete 3 sets.

Land mine shoulder press (alternating sides) x 12 tri-set with Steering wheels x 12 total and plank knee-ins x 20. Complete 3 sets.

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