Natural Newbie Wins 6 Trophies!

Christa Before & AfterChrista McLane began following my figure prep program in February 2012. Just like most first time figure athletes, she had tons of questions about how much cardio to do, supplements needed to build maximum muscle mass, managing her macros, and when to accelerate her program. After Christa purchased, she was able to contact me for additional guidance to help her prepare for the NANBF Best of Midwest (natural federation).

Not only did Christa put on more muscle, she created a physique that wowed the judges and totally dominated her competition. This natural newbie won 6 trophies and one was for the best “T-Walk!”

Here’s some of what Christa had to say about the program

“I was extremely pleased with the attention that Kimberly gave me. She was helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to prepare. Her program is effective if you dedicate yourself totally to it. Her emails, tips, and videos are motivational and keep you on your toes. I learned so many details from her program that I would not have known, which was the key to my success!” -Christa McLane

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