Mind blowing RESULTS even with the worst case of this disease…

Some success stories are just too amazing to believe, even when I see
them with my own eyes.

That is the case with Erania Brackett. This 41 year healthcare business
executive had been struggling….

Struggling to get her body to stop GAINING weight so she could compete
in her first bikini competition.

Now what makes Erania’s story even more heart wrenching was that she
thought by having Polycystic Ovary syndrome (PCOS) her dream of the
stage would never come true.

Not only does she have PCOS, but her symptoms represent the worst case
possible (hair loss, pre-diabetic, fertility issues, weight gain and more) :-/

Before Erania reached out to me, she had been working with a coach and
she felt ignored and unsupported.

There wasn’t any feedback being given to her especially about her diet…

Frankly she confided in me that there were no explanations given at all,
just her being told to stay on the plan.

Erania said “it’s hard to stay on a plan when you are not getting results.”

I know many of you ladies can probably relate to this type of frustration
either working with a coach or even struggling through this process all by yourself…

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Before I share with you her progress photos–here are the main reasons
she identified as the catalyst to getting these amazing results. Keep reading,
her transformation is so inspiring! Turn on images to see her pics 🙂

“Kimberly I believe you most importantly helped me get past the mental
block of thinking I couldn’t get these results with my illness. After training
hard for about 2 years and actually putting on weight in the process made
it hard to believe it would be possible. Secondly, I had never been given
detailed diet information that included macro-nutrient breakdowns, how to
track them and make results driven adjustments each week. Lastly, I feel the
biggest catalyst was having you prepare & walk me through my program each week. You spent the extra time to educate me on the process and it was
mind blowing the nuggets of information I’ve walked away with so far–like
how certain sugars were causing me not to have a waistline! That to me is priceless and I can’t thank you enough!” -Erania Brackett

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Erania dropped 14 pounds in 8 weeks!

Hey, maybe you are dealing with some similar challenges that have kept you from achieving these type of results in you training program.

Or maybe you just need a coach to listen to you and provide the program and support all the way to the stage. I’d love to talk to you more about what’s really possible once you get out of the head and heart space that could be limiting you from reaching your ultimate fitness goals!

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