What My Training Looks Like Now

I’m training for my 3rd pro show and decided to do things a little differently by getting a coach!

Yes! Coaches need coaching too 🙂

What’s so great about having a coach?

Unlike a personal trainer, a coach is responsible for creating your full prep program (show selection, workouts, diet, cardio, supplements, posing, suit selection, making adjustments, etc.) and you get to focus on doing the work, not stressing!

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So, my coach is focusing on the things that will keep me from placing higher at the pro level–like my legs, core, and overall leanness…

Here is a quick overview of how my training is set up now.

Cardio – performing about 45 minutes x 6 days a week in a specific heart rate zone, fasted. After I finish my cardio, I do my short ab workout.

Weights – I am following a 6-7 day split with the trouble zones being hit more than once each week. Legs are getting the most volume in my training right now. I perform my weight training later in the afternoon or evening 90% of the time.

Diet – Eating pretty much the same thing every day with daily carbohydrate grams adjusted based on weekly progress goals. Main foods: filet/steak, chicken, salmon, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, some rice on high carb days.

Supplements – big change here. Keeping it real simple using fish oils, CLA, digestive enzymes, and a multi-vitamin. The biggest factor in my progress has been the way I’m using pre-post workout supplements. There’s always several ways to use a supplement to get even more results!

Thank you for following my progress. I’ll be sharing more, stay tuned!

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One thought on “What My Training Looks Like Now

  1. Thank you so much for how much you give! I’m not a client but I am a faithful follower. With your help, I took 2nd masters 50 figure in the biggest show in the Pacific Northwest. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m getting there. You’re amazing…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed “getting to know you”….(I did buy contest prep, though)

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