Korrina Was Ready For A Change

Korrina’s results: After 8 weeks, she lost 8 pounds and almost 5% body fat.

But a picture says a thousand words. WOW! Keep reading her story below…

“I am Active Duty Navy as a Physician Assistant. For several years I worked as an advocate for wounded, ill and injured service members. A very rewarding, but very mentally draining, job! I am 46 years old, 5’3” and started Kimberly’s coaching at 151lbs. Until I hit age 30, I consistently was around 110-115 lbs. The weight began to creep up and I have not been successful at losing it for good. I will admit I was very inconsistent with my workouts as my time is often not my own to manage (and as a caregiver always put everyone else first). I’m in pretty good shape — I run half-marathons, do spartan races, swimming Alcatraz this summer — and live an active lifestyle. I just needed help to get myself mentally on track with consistency with the workouts and figure out this eating thing.” – Korrina 

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