Turkey Burn Workout


No equipment needed.

No gym required.

The Workout:

-Do each exercise for 30-60 seconds, in a circuit set (back to back without a rest).

-Take 1-2 minutes rest between circuit sets.

-Complete 2-3 sets

The Exercises:

Jump Squats (modify without jumping)

T-Push Ups (modify on knees)


Dips (off bench or floor)

Ice Skaters or Curtsy Lunges

Sit-ups (modify with crunches)

Hydrants (alternating legs)

Plank (modify on knees)

Jumping Jacks (modify with alternating reverse lunges)

Squat Thrusts (modify by doing 1 leg at a time)

Flutter Kicks

Close grip (diamond) Push-ups (modify on knees)

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