Tempo Training

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What is tempo?

Tempo is defined as the rate or pace that an activity is performed. Therefore rep tempo (also known as rep speed, lifting speed, lifting tempo) is the rate at which you perform reps in a given set.

The 3 digits in tempo represent:

Eccentric movement (negative or lowering the weight)

Isometric (the point at which you hold between movements)

Concentric (positive or lifting the weight)

Some of my favorite tempo combinations:




Why use tempo training?

  • You can get maximum muscle gains (hypertrophy) by forcing the muscle to spend more “time under tension” or TUT.
  • You can get more of a pump without adding additional weight.
  • You can bust through weight lifting plateaus by switching things up.
  • You will have more awareness in your workouts which help you make key adjustments throughout your training.

Try this for your next weight workout and feel the BURN!

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