New Tips to Build a Bikini Butt

Whether you want to rock the stage or the beach…

You need to understand the basics to building a bikini backside.

This is where competitor training techniques come in handy to help you break through all the booty plateaus that have been plaguing you for years.

Here are 3 new tips for tightening those cheeks!

But before I share them, check out Nicole’s gluteus maximus transformation 🙂

She is 7.5 weeks out from her first bikini competition!

Nicole Rear Stance










Nicole got a complimentary consult with me where I mapped out her booty building plan to ensure she brings a tight package to the stage!

Now, for the tips that actually helped her uplevel her glute game!

Tight Tush Tip #1

Eat for growth. If you are following low calorie meal plans that deprive your muscles of necessary nutrients–your glutes will end up saggy and just not round enough. I would design a customized nutrition plan that starts at least 25% above your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Tight Tush Tip #2

Go wide (and deep if you can). You would be surprised how different a squat feels when you just widen up your stance. This would be wider than shoulder width and allows you to get deeper into the squat. With good form and if your knees will allow it–drop down right below 90 degrees to feel the max burn. Turning your toes out could take some pressure off the knees.

Tight Tush Tip #3

Do butt building cardio. Some cardio machine routines are better than others for building up the glutes. Two of my favorites are treadmill walking lunges and stairmaster leg lift intervals. Both of these keep the heat on the glute hamstring tie-in which needs to be game tight to get the judges attention on stage.

No “smiley faces” in your back pose lol.

POST a comment and let me know if these tips helped!

If you want to learn more about my 8-week jump start plans where I can zero in on your butt, holla at me!

Nicole is following a “hybrid” training program that combines both figure and bikini workouts to create balance within her physique. Find out if your booty would benefit from my hybrid training here.

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