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10 Proteins for Vegetarian Figure Athletes

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t compete in figure! Here are my top veggie friendly options for muscle building.

1. Legumes – beans
2. Nuts & Seeds – sunflower, almonds
3. Dairy Products – cottage cheese, Greek yogurt
4. Cereal & Food Grains – whole grains
5. Algae – Spirulina
6. Vegetable/Soy Protein Powders
7. Seitan – made from whole wheat and water (gluten)
8. Vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, peppers
9. Eggs – white or brown
10. Fruit – peaches, strawberries, and bananas

Although these items are vegetarian, you still need to track the carbohydrate, calorie, and fat content to stay within your training nutritional goals.


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