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5 Tips to Rock the Stage on a Budget

5 Tips to Rock the Stage on a BudgetIs the cost of competing keeping you from stepping on the stage in 2016?

I can remember when I first started, there were so many hidden costs that I wasn’t aware of and it seemed like I was being nickel and dimed to death! lol

Ladies, achieving your dream of stepping on stage doesn’t have to break the bank! I’ve got tons of tips to help you maximize your cash, but i’ll share my top 5. There are pro’s and cons to each of these suggestions–so its all about your preferences in the end.

1. Create a budget. This is the most important step to preparing for a figure or bikini competition. Everything that is available out there for competitors seems important and you can end up wasting a ton of money by not planning. Set your budget early, and based on that financial outline, decide which shows you can do. Every bit of money should be counted, from bikini bite to travel expenses. I include a competitor budget and other super helpful checklists in my prep program to help you focus on the most important items you’ll need.

2. Register before the deadline. Make sure you visit the promoter’s website and register as soon as it opens. There is a cost for competing in shows that can range from $25 – $100. If you sign-up after the stated deadline, there usually is a late fee. Many of the promoters charge double, so don’t delay. Send in your completed application and fees promptly.

3. Do your own tanning and make-up. Most of the shows will have tanners & make-up artists at the venue for your convenience. The cost runs $100-$200 and that could include both. i recommend you get the professional tanning and make-up, but if you really need to cut corners, learn to do it yourself! The key to successful application is using high quality products and practicing before your show. For your tan, I suggest JanTana products because you can get a winning color with just one application! No fading, streaking or the dreaded green! Head to the MAC makeup counter to get a free GLAMOUR look done and ideas on best color combinations for your skin tone.

If you are not used to wearing make-up, I suggest going to the Mac or other make-up counter at the mall and have them do a sample “pageant look.” This is a dramatic, smokey palette based on your skin tones & hair color–NOT your suit color! Take a picture, then you can re-create that look yourself at the show. Please note, your make-up and tan has to be on point as the lights are very bright and you could end up looking washed out!

4. Suits for less. One of the biggest expenses of competing in figure is the posing suit. You can’t purchase them in a regular store. Your posing suit must be a specific style and only certain designers make them. A quality suit will cost you between $200-$1,000 depending on how many stones/crystals you want. I will tell you that the judges don’t care how much bling you have but please make sure its not distracting.  So the design/stones are based on your budget. I will also warn you not to go bargain basement on your suit because the judges will note the fit, overall look, and where it cuts your physique as a huge part of your presentation. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

Many designers have discounted suits that they were unable to sell and/or rentals. Even if you don’t see a link for them on their website–you can send them an email asking about available discounts. They often give discounts for referrals, so make sure you think of all the angles before you contact a designer.

5. Show me the money. Hey, there ain’t nothing wrong with asking folks for a little financial support. But hold on, not your co-workers, pastor or boss lol. I’m talking about folks that would love to help support you and get some shine in the process. Tanning & beauty salons, suit designers, gyms, and supplement stores are the best places to start for sponsorship’s.

You can offer to shout them out during your thank you speech, blog, Facebook page or other social media for advertisement. They may also want you to wear their logo’s or gear. The first place I’d suggest you look for financial assistance would be your friends and family. Tell them you would love to have them support your dream by covering a small expense like posing heels, coaching, supplements etc.

I hope these tips save you some cash and bring you one step closer to the stage!

Oh, one more tip…

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