Doing This 1 Thing Could Ruin Your Prep

scale makes you cryIf you just started contest prep or have been at it for a while now…

You are probably checking your progress often to see where you are improving (or not).

There are 8 very important measurements you should be taking periodically–one being your weight.

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But for 80% of new competitors, the scale is the only way they monitor progress.

And to make things worse…

Many of them are stepping on the scale every day!

Stepping on the scale every day can create stress and ruin your prep.

Especially when you are not seeing incremental changes in your weight.

The disappointment you feel by looking at the scale daily will now affect the kind of work you will put in for the rest of the week.

Hence, creating a vicious cycle of plateaus and restarts.

Yes, taking your weight is important. But so is getting accurate body fat tests, measurements, professional assessments and photos.

What’s most important is how you look. 

The judges don’t ask you how much you weigh on stage.

Here’s the question you should ask yourself.

“Is my body composition changing enough each week to end up looking like a competitor?”

How often you weigh yourself or take assessments depends on what phase of training you are in. 

I’ve broken my new training system into 4 distinct phases (plus Peak Week) that create a defined point for you to review your progress before advancing to the next level.

And it includes a handy measurement chart broken down by the weeks and which ones you should take!

Just remember the old saying…

A watched pot never boils.

No more weighing every day.

Put in enough work each week and then expect your pay check 🙂

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