Leg Volume Day: Kick-off Superset

When you have a body part that is lagging, its a good idea to hit it a couple times per week. Since my legs are my weak area, I train them 3 times per week. The 3rd session is for putting more blood into the muscle fascia to stimulate growth.  Its called Leg Volume Day.

I kicked off the workout with a superset from my past…

When I was training for my pro card,  my leg workouts were brutal lol. This was one of the supersets I hated most. Those are most effective ones right ? lol

  • Kettle Bell Plie Squats (pictured above) x 25.  It can be done with or without the weight vest.
  • Leg Extensions x 25

There were 5 supersets in my workout. Each done for 3-4 sets. The first exercise hits quads, the second glutes/hamstrings. So you end up with an opposing muscle group struggle that leaves you pretty sore the next day 🙂

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