Chest Shoulder Ab Workout


1. Incline hammer press, 45-second rest in between

2. Incline or flat DB fly, 45-second rest in between


1. Dumbbell Military Press: 60-second rest in between

2. Barbell front Raises (elbows slightly bent raise only to shoulder level, hands shoulder width apart): 60-second rest in between

3. Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 45-second rest in between (every other week do single arm raises)

4. Rear Delts machine: 45-second rest in between


1. Ball Crunches & reverse crunches on flat bench 3x25 reps done as a superset: 60-second rest in between supersets

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It's part of the Contest Prep Secrets Figure & Bikini Prep training system.

This workout is in the FIGURE section pages 34-38, Weeks 5-8.

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