3 Changes to My Prep That Start Tomorrow!

I’m feeling pretty calm this show…

Mainly because I just competed 7 weeks ago and still in my zone 🙂

Today my weight is 134 pounds, 5.9% BF.

Last show, I weighed 137 pounds 2 days before, so I’m excited to see improvements in my conditioning!

Here are my progress pics…


Here are 3 of the major changes I’m starting tomorrow to PEAK this Saturday!

-Increasing cardio and splitting into 2 segments (morning and night)

-Increasing reps to conditioning ranges

-Increasing my current water

I’m also DECREASING or cutting out some things all together…

There’s more adjustments you can do during the final weeks of prep to continuing progressing, but not everyone needs to do them or should.

When the time comes, having a detailed PEAK WEEK program is critical to take the stress out of your final days to the stage 🙂

I’ve created a detailed 7-Day Peak Week program that breaks down the food, supplements, cardio, water, and training to bring in your best package.

It’s included in my step-by-step COMPLETE Figure & Bikini training system, Contest Prep Secrets!

PLUS you get access to me for questions in our private Facebook group 🙂

AND to celebrate my PEAK WEEK – enjoy this $80 discount!


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