How to Eat Like A Competitor

1. Determine your goal: Muscle growth or Fat Loss

Before you begin dieting, you need to establish your goal. For muscle growth and fat loss, there is a different nutritional breakdown. When a competitor is focusing on putting on muscle mass, they eat more calories–split almost evenly between the macros. In the fat loss phase, the calories may be adjusted lower with most coming from protein.

2. Figure out your maintenance calories (the calories you need for bodily functions plus exercise).

First, determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

For a simple guide, I recommend you add 300-500 calories to your BMR to maintain your current stats.

To ADD muscle – I recommend you eat between 12-18 calories per pound of body weight.

To CUT body fat – I recommend you eat at your BMR to jump start your metabolism to burning stored fat. Do not eat below your BMR more than 1-2 weeks as fat/weight loss will stall. Eating a bit below and above your BMR is a good way to cycle calories coming in as you adjust your training & cardio.

3. Calculate your macros.

Divide your daily calories up by 3 macros: Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates (carbs)

To ADD muscle – Here’s a good macro breakdown:

40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat

To CUT fat – Here’s a good macro breakdown:

50% protein, 20% carbs, 30% fat.

4. Create your meal plan.

Now that you have the approximate calories and macros for each goal–create your meal plan. I’d start with a 5-6 meal-a-day structure. Limit processed foods, choose lean cuts of meat, and vary your starchy carbs & vegetables to get all the nutrients your body needs.

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  1. I have know I deal what lm doing but would like to know.How do I find out myBMR and my macro do I need to loss fat befor I start toning my body

  2. Did I order the wrong material? In your presentation, everything necessary to get in shape to compete was to be included, including 30 days of meals, meal prep and planning and exercises and training plans, how to prepare for a show, etc. Please help me! Thank you. I am very anxious to get started on my new body. I was expecting sample meals to be included in the E-book materials.

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