What are the judges looking for?


This is the number one question asked  by newbie figure girls…

And unfortunately it doesn’t come with a straightforward, black and white answer. I would first suggest that you understand the basic guidelines of your federation then learn how to get the judges attention and stand out on stage!

For this article, I am going to focus on the National Physique Committee guidelines for figure competitors:

The Basics

When judging a figure competition the judges shall assess the athleticism of the physique. This is not a bodybuilding contest.

  • A small degree of muscularity with separation is desired, with no visible striations.
  • Muscle tone should appear firm and round with a small amount of body fat over the muscle, and no excessive leanness.
  • Figure competitions provide alternatives for athletic women who (a) Train. (b) Do not wish to gain muscle size and vascularity and (c) do not have a strong gymnastic / dance background.
  • All Figure and Fitness competitors must have reached their eighteenth (18) birthday by the day of the contest.

3 Top Tips for Successful Stage Presentation

1. Winners pay attention to all the criteria, don’t wing it! Do your homework and visit the federation site to find out what is expected from you as soon as you step from behind that curtain. Find out what you are being scored on. This includes what type of posing suit, shoes, flattering hair and make-up styles, and which poses you are to execute. It still amazes me the number of girls backstage asking “what am I supposed to do when I get out there?”  Once you get in front of the judges, its not time to improvise…

2. Don’t assume all shows are the same. Just because you did a figure or bikini show with one federation, that doesn’t  mean all have the same expectations. Listen to the promoter and expediters to ensure you understand how the judges want you to present yourself. Sometimes you only have to do certain poses, or may need music for your show. Remember, every show is a new experience that you need to prepare for.

3. No one should dictate your style but you! Don’t do what everyone else does onstage because the judges are assessing many girls in various classes and it gets pretty boring for them seeing the same curtsy, wink or posing routine. Add your personality and flare to all the poses to stand out. You only have about 5-10 seconds to really leave an impression on the judges. This is what gets you into the first call out–holding a trophy!

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