TRX Circuit For Fat Loss

Adding circuits to your training can improve your overall conditioning. Today, I did one of those circuits on the TRX Suspension Trainer.  This circuit is done by time, 40/20 seconds. Complete 3 rounds with only 1-2 minute rest in between for higher intensity. This is a 33-36 minute circuit depending on rest periods 🙂

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Exercise #1 Single Leg Squat (R) If you are hardcore, add a hop at the top!





Exercise #2 Y-Deltoid Raise

y deltoid flye






Exercise #3 Mountain Climbers






Exercise #4 Hamstring Runners

trx hamstring runner





Exercise #5 Single Leg Squat (L)

trx single leg lunge





Exercise #6 Side Plank (R)

trx side plank






Exercise #7 Side Plank (L) 

trx side plank






Exercise #8 Pike

trx pikes





Exercise #9 Standing or Kneeling Roll Out

TRX roll out





Exercise #10 Jump Squats

trx jump squat


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