TRX Beatdown

The definition of a “beatdown” is…

“a physical beating or assault.”

“a savage beatdown”

That is what I did to myself yesterday with the TRX!

Do you have one? 

It’s one of the most powerful training tools out there. No weight to adjust.

You are the machine!

The TRX was created by a Navy Seal and its portable. You can train anywhere. That’s their motto…

No more excuses about not having a gym when you are out of town yo!

If you are not familiar with suspension training, you gotta check out this video.

Keep reading though, I’ll list all the exercises and reps. I did an abbreviated version for the video to get it all in. BUT this 4+ minutes is killer!

Get your TRX here <<<

*all reps are total (when single  5/5)

*complete in a circuit 1-2 times

*can split up in (3) 6 exercise circuits

  1. Squat + row x 10
  2. High rows x 10
  3. Deep chest press x 10
  4. Triceps press x 10
  5. Ab rotations x 10
  6. Curtsy lunge w/balance x 10
  7. Reverse lunge w/balance x 10
  8. Squat jumps x 10
  9. Underhand row + squat x 10
  10. Bicep curls x 10
  11. High rows x 10
  12. Split flyes x 10
  13. Reverse flyes + squat x 10
  14. Alternating lunges + chest flyes x 10
  15. Plank knee-ins x 10
  16. Push-ups x 10
  17. Push-ups + knees (atomic push-ups) x 10
  18. Mountain climbers x 10

Get your TRX here <<<

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