The Real Reason Why You Are Not Seeing Results?

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If you are training for a figure or bikini comp and not seeing the results you want…

Maybe this is the problem?

You’ve made your program work for your current lifestyle so much…that now its not working at all!

How does this happen?

-You change the amount of training and cardio days to work better for your schedule vs. the other way around.

-You don’t push beyond your limits each week.

-You continue to eat like you were before and try to get “close to diet.”

-You skip critical parts of your plan that you don’t like or understand.

There’s more but you get what I’m saying right?

No plan will work without following it 100%.

So, take a moment right now and sit down with your training program. Make sure you are putting in all the necessary work and not turning your contest prep into a regular fitness program.

That doesn’t include saying “I’m trying…” it means you are set up to execute your program each week 100%.

Or maybe competitive training isn’t for you right now.

And that’s ok.

To compete, you have to be all in, all the time 🙂

The process to the stage is the constant act of assessing what you have done and should be doing next for success.

If you are not following a plan, you will be constantly frustrated and not making the progress you need each week.

Get my proven system. Put in 100%.

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