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Burn More Calories With Circuit Training

How to do the workout:

30-35 minutes on the circuit + cardio bursts (see below)

30-35 minutes of HIIT Cardio (2:1 intervals)

The Circuit = 7 exercises + 3 Minutes HIIT Bursts | 3 sets

*Complete all the exercises back to back for stated reps. Once you finish the circuit, do 3 minutes of high intensity cardio (on any machine or body weight) IMMEDIATELY after each set. Then rest 1-2 minutes between the circuit + cardio burst. Complete 3 sets. Should take you 30-35 minutes.

*Choose light to moderate weights depending on the exercise

*After you finish the 3 circuit/cardio burst sets, do another 30-35 minutes of HIIT intervals (2:1 intervals)

Box jumps or DB step ups x 20

DB plank rows x 20

Decline medicine ball oblique twists (see photo above) x 20

Medicine ball pop squats x 20

DB squats to overhead shoulder press x 20

Medicine ball push-ups x 20 (can do on your knees)

DB lateral lunges with bicep curl x 20

*3 minutes of HIIT cardio

Repeat all this 3 times!

This is advanced training and works best as part of a COMPLETE training & nutrition plan.

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