Kimberley Lost Over 40 Pounds and 12% Body Fat!

“I’m 40 years old with 4 children, and had a great deal of health problems. For me, this is more than just about trying to lose weight or win a competition. Starting this program, eating right, and exercising has saved my life…literally. My entire adult life, I have been in and out of hospitals, doctors offices, etc. 

After starting this program and eating healthy, almost all of my health problems are gone! I no longer deal with anemia, hypoglycemia, asthma, or fibromyalgia. I have always been known as the sick and weak Kim my entire life. Now I am healthier and stronger than ever!

I began using Contest Prep Secrets in 2016, weighing 165 pounds with over 30% body fat. I’m currently down to 120 pounds and 18% body fat. So, when I say fitness and this program saved my life;  it is no exaggeration. Of course I had a lot of drive and determination, it’s not easy. But if you want something bad enough, it’s worth it!

Kimberly, I know this has been a lengthy testimonial, but I just wanted you to know how much you help people. Not just to lose weight or do a show, but how getting the information out there to live a healthier life–could save a life. Thank you for all your inspiration.” -Kimberley Soto


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