Back & Abs Workout (5-30-17)

How to do the workout:

This workout is made up of super and tri-sets.  Complete each super or tri-set x 3 or 4 sets. Take a 60-90 seconds break between supersets, focusing on lifting heavy for the reps stated.

The Workout:

Wide grip pull downs x 15 superset with Dynamax ball slams x 20

TRX underhand low rows (or straight bar low rows) x 15 superset with Dynamax ball sit ups w/knee ins x 20

Incline reverse DB flyes x 15 (face down on bench) superset with rope pull-overs x 15

BB underhand rows x 15 superset with DB single arm rows x 15 each arm

Band opens (see pic above) x 15 superset with DB bent over flyes x 15

Rope crunches x 30 tri-set with hanging leg lifts x 20, decline crunches x 30

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