How to Grow Your Shoulders

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How to Grow Your Shoulders

Your Phase 1 training goals should be on building muscle (growth) vs. fat loss.

I know many of you are worried about losing the excess weight and struggling with the scale. If you are following the right program, during the growth phase, your weight and body fat will decrease.

One of the best training techniques to build shoulders (or any area of your body) is to follow decreasing/increasing rep structure.  I explain more about this amazing growth technique and additional tweaks in Contest Prep Secrets System and our private Facebook group.

The first 3 exercises (see below) are designed to pump & fatigue the shoulders right away. This workout is a BOULDER shoulder builder for sure!

The FULL workout includes 7 shoulder exercises and 3 abs.


Here is a video of one of my favorite exercises in this workout for the core but incorporates the shoulders.

This exercise gives you an amazing post workout BURN!

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Trainer Tip: Keep your body from rocking during this exercise. This will make your shoulders work harder to stabilize and fire up your core!

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