Build Your Best Arms In 2017

What’s great about arm training is that…

If you are lifting heavy on your back and chest days, they are also getting hit. That means you don’t have to spend alot of extra time on them again during the week.

Biceps and triceps are smaller muscles and they don’t burn many calories.  I recommend you train them directly 1 x per week for 30-45 minutes. That workout, coupled with the indirect work your biceps and triceps get during other workouts, is more than enough to build great arms.

Check out this great workout I created for you today!

Training Tip: If you need more size – you can lift heavier, less reps, and more rest between sets. If you need more toning – you can lift light to moderate, more reps, and less rest between sets (burn them out!).

Biceps & Triceps Workout

Skull crushers superset with Plate bench dips  x 3 sets

Rope extensions x 3 sets

Overhead DB extensions x 3 sets

Wall BB bicep curls superset with DB hammer curls x 3 sets

Underhand pull-ups (short focusing on biceps) x 3 sets

Seated DB concentration curls x 3 sets

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13 thoughts on “Build Your Best Arms In 2017

  1. Ms. Doehnert,
    Thank You so much for this workout. I’m struggling with getting muscle gain. Getting cut. I hope this will help me out. Frustrated! I have been in fitness for years & still can not even do a pull up. I’m 46 & want people to see muscle when they look at me. Please Please help me.

    Thank You for time.

    1. Hi Kim!

      I know this workout and the CPS program you just got will help you build the body you are dreaming of. It takes time, a plan, and support. You have that with our private FB group.

      Have fun and good luck with your training!!!


  2. I am new to this and never thought about working on my arms separate from my regular work out. thank you. Could you send me pics or explain what some of them are for example the skull crusher. thanks again

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