Are your arms too BIG for figure???

While training for my second competition, I met a fellow figure coach at the gym. I had just won 2 first place trophies in the OCB Eastern Regional but this next competition was with the INBF organization.

And this guy just happened to be one of the judges for my upcoming event! So, I asked him what would keep me from winning my class. He said “your arms are too big.” They were really muscular but toned. With only two weeks left until the show, how could I fix my arms?

In figure, judges are looking for a toned & symmetrical physique. This is what’s called the v-taper. Figure girls have small, lean, and well defined arms. When I measured my arms, they were a little over 14 inches.  He told me I’d be more competitive at 11-13 inches when competing in the INBF. Regionally, judges for various agencies are looking for a specific body type when comparing physiques. Most of the time, it doesn’t match the look the athlete was going for 😉

It’s true that genetics, training, diet and supplementation play a huge role in how your physique will turn out. But there are some things you can do to reduce the size of your arms fast!

3 Tips for Smaller Arms

1. Stop training your arms with weight. You can do cardio movements with your arms (like jumping jacks, plyo push-ups, rope pulling, boxing etc) that will help lean them up without adding anymore bulk.

2. Reduce your protein. The normal regime would be to get in protein before and after your workouts. Skip the post workout protein serving. This will encourage your body to use some of your extra muscle as fuel.

3. Cut mass building supplements. If you are already blessed with size you don’t need any help with natural growth hormones, extra amino acids, or creatine. Focus on supplements that will help reduce body fat and increase muscle definition.

Now if you are just genetically gifted with larger arms and more muscle mass all over, you might want to think about other ways to compete. Consider bodybuilding or physique competitions. Typically these competitors are more muscle dense and expected to have bigger arms.

One thing is for sure, you need the right program to make sure your arms don’t get too big! LOL Get my complete figure coaching program here.

See you on stage!


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