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The final outcome of your contest prep is determined 70% or more by diet…

But yet its the one thing most newbie competitors find the hardest to wrap their mind around. The more you double down on the food prep, the easier it will be to stay on track to your weight loss goals.

Here are 5 meal prep tips I follow for success:

  1. Follow a specific meal plan– The calories and macros are based on fitness goals, timelines, and nutritional needs.
  2.   Stick to my meal plan– I only make like food exchanges i.e. lean turkey for chicken etc. Its easier not to cheat if you (1) don’t bring foods in that are triggers and (2) your meals are there for you to grab in the fridge.
  3. Pick 1-2 days of the week to mass prep my main meals (starches and meat proteins) For example this includes yams, chicken, turkey, fish, quinoa, gluten free oats, brown rice etc. I pretty much stick to the same food types and make adjustments based on results.
  4. Sign up for a grocery delivery system  Being super busy (like most everyone living the competitor lifestyle), I tend to make excuses about getting to the store! This way I can shop online for my foods and save favorite shopping carts for future purchase. The cost is nominal $8-$10 per delivery. If you don’t have a grocery store that does delivery, partner with a family member or friend to be the designated shopper to ensure your foods are in the fridge.
  5. Put it on ice– I store 3 days of meals in the fridge but freeze at least 1 weeks worth of meals using Ziploc Vacuum Sealer bags or containers that are freezer safe. I take a “bag” of yams or chicken out to unthaw in the refrigerator as the other meals are eaten. This way I am always ahead of my diet. Its easy to prepare for meals outside the house if they are already in containers for travel & reheat.

Simple right?

The more you commit to these steps, the more results you’ll see each week and less plateaus!

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