15 Tips For New Competitors

So you want to compete? There is alot to learn, but here are 15 tips for new competitors!

1. Attend a local show. You may think you are ready compete, but it’s best to check out a competition to see if it’s something you want to pursue. You’ll learn how competitions work and have the opportunity to ask questions.


2. Determine your class (figure, bikini, etc.). If you have a good amount of muscle or put it on easily, you might do better in figure. If you are not overly muscular and have a curvy figure, bikini could be a good fit. It’s best to train with your body’s genetics vs. against them.

3. Review federation rules and guidelines. There are different types of federations and each have their own guidelines on posing, body style and rules on types of supplements you can take etc. Make sure you know everything to be eligible to step on their stage.

4. Get a prep plan or coach. If you have never competed before, it’s best to have blueprint to follow. This will help you avoid newbie mistakes that can keep you out of the winner’s circle.

5. Prepare a budget. This is the most expensive “hobby” there is! You have to be ready to pay for even the basics that are required to compete. Like posing suit & heels, jewelry, tanning, show fees, federations fees, supplements, gym membership, and the list goes on! Having a budget will also reduce some of the stress of competing. So if money is tight, this is something you want to pass on for now.

6. Make your diet the priority. If you are relying on workouts more than diet–you will come up short on stage! Diet is over 70% of the final package you bring to the judges. Meal prep is key to sticking to your diet.

7. Schedule your workouts. Treat your training like an “important appointment” you can’t miss unless under the most extreme circumstances (sickness, daycare, etc.). There will be times you will need to be flexible on when you train to make it happen consistently.

8. Don’t get stuck on the numbers. The scale is just one form of tracking. In reality, its just a number. Your body composition and how you look matter the most. Measurements and photos are the best way to track progress.

Working closely with a coach will help prevent you from being overly critical, which could stall your progress.

9. Get your mind right. Keep calm, focused, and remember why you are doing this. Self-doubt is the #1 killer of dreams.

10. Don’t withdraw socially, stay connected. This is such a solitary sport, it can be easy to shy away from friends and family. You will need different types of support, so let them know what you are doing and how they can be there for you. DO avoid excessive socializing that encourages cheating on your diet, missing workouts, or not getting enough sleep.

11. Practice posing early. This is something I can’t stress enough. Don’t wait until a few weeks from your show (when you look the best) and then start posing. It takes time to learn your required poses and the art of presentation. One thing I’ve learned from the judges is that the best body doesn’t always win. It comes down to how you sell yourself on stage. If you’ve practiced enough, you will look and feel confident!

12. Compete against yourself. You can’t control who shows up. Don’t obsess over other competitors (stalking them on Instagram lol) or worry about how many ladies will be in your class. Put 100% into your program and come mentally prepared to compete!

13. Enjoy the journey. Have fun along the way. Stepping on stage is an amazing accomplishment and it should be a positive experience. If not, you won’t want to do it again–even if you won a trophy.

14. Have a good attitude. No one likes a bad sport. Some competitors can be catty or throw shade. Don’t react negatively. Keep your head up and keep it moving!

15. Be prepared to gain some weight after your show. The body you are creating doesn’t belong to you. Just like Cinderella, you’ll show up at the ball in a carriage and leave in a pumpkin. But definitely a more FIT pumpkin lol. You will need a post show plan in place to gradually reverse your diet and return to a pre-contest weight you desire.

Have more questions? Not sure where to start?

Request a strategy session with me to map out your next steps to the stage!

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