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3 Tips for Better Front Squats

First of all, if you are not doing front squats, this might be a good time to learn!

Front squats are great because they target the quads more than traditional “back squats.” Plus if you have any issues with your back, it causes less compression and reduced hip pain.

For years, I didn’t do them because they felt awkward. The reason being was I couldn’t figure out the best way to hold that bar without falling over lol.

Finally, I came up with a 3 tips to do them better.

  1. Start with just the bar or weight you can control throughout the movement.
  2. Use a squat pad to prevent pressure on your shoulders or arms.
  3. If you have wrist issues, you might want to avoid the “clean position.” I’m doing the old school bodybuilder hold, which crosses your hands on top of your shoulders. You can avoid stability issues with this hold by making sure you are evenly holding the bar across your chest and keep your feet grounded through the movement.

Watch the video to see these tips in action!!

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