Leg Mash Up

Today’s workout includes circuits and supersets.

Make sure to use challenging weight, good form, controlled tempo, and stay hydrated!

Here’s the workout, enjoy!

Circuit #1 (all 3 sets)

Activator: Hydrants against the wall x 15 ea leg

Stiff leg deadlift with alt. single leg deadlift (combo) x 10

Smith machine squats x 12

Spiderman jump lunges x 10 ea leg

Circuit #2 (all 3 sets)

Activator: Hyper-extension w/2 count hold x 12

DB step ups x 12 ea leg

DB curtsy lunges x 12 ea leg

DB plie squats x 12

Superset #1 (all 4 sets)

Leg extensions x 12

Jump lunges x 20 (jumps)

Superset #2 (all 4 sets)

Leg curls x 12

Adduction machine x 12

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