Karen lost 10 pounds and 14 inches off her waist!

I love sharing client success stories!

Karen signed up for my 12 week coaching program and we just finished week 9…

All I can say is wow! Keep reading below to see her photos!

Here’s where Karen started:

Weight 148.5

Waist 46

Thigh 27

Hips 42

Calf 16

Week 9 stats:

Weight 138.7

Waist 32

Thigh 25

Hips 40

Calf 15

She lost an amazing 14 inches off her waist at the navel! Karen said “I could not believe it, I kept measuring it lol.”

Check out her before (left) and after (right) photos:


I laughed so hard when I read her text today…

That’s the thing about finally getting results. YOU are willing to go beyond your comfort zone to reach success.

All it takes is a made up mind and a committed coach. That would be me 🙂

If you are READY, let’s chat about how you should structure your program for success.


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